Voice Clinic

Voice Clinic

Location-2ND Floor, MRC
For Appointment-022-22067676  Extn. 382
Dept. Timings-Mon, Tue & Thurs 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Wed & Fri - 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm
List of Consultants-Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar

Bombay Hospital has a state of the art Voice Clinic offering a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities managed by Dr. Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar, Laryngologist and Voice Surgeon at Bombay Hospital.

High definition Videolaryngostroboscopy is available (Olympus system) using the Rigid Laryngoscope as well as flexible chip-on-tip laryngoscope.

Stroboscopy is a gold standard in any Voice Clinic in the diagnosis of Voice disorders. Stroboscopy enables the visualization of the vocal fold vibrations in simulated slow motion. This enables the laryngologist to pick up even early lesions such as early cancer, small cysts, polyps, nodules, sulci and many other benign lesions of the vocal folds.

The flexible system is especially useful when vocal fold movement disorders need to be assessed as in the case of vocal fold weakness and spasmodic dysphonia .

For Professional Voice Users such as singers and teachers, facing problems of vocal fatigue, problems with vocal range and voice breaks,stroboscopy is especially useful.

The Stroboscopy system at Bombay Hospital has the added facility of Narrow Band Imaging Light which is one of the latest technologies offered in the world to pick up early malignancy and in the monitoring of recurrence of malignancy.

As stroboscopy findings are subjective, the reporting is critical. The reports are provided immediately on completion of the test with a discussion on the findings and plan of management. The report includes a written report, hard copy and soft copy of the stroboscopy.

The therapeutic facilities offered include Injection Laryngoplasty and FEES as out /In patient tests.

Injection laryngoplasty is performed for patients who have a unilateral vocal fold paralysis with a breathy voice and aspiration(cough on drinking liquids). Material such as hyaluronic acid is injected so as to plump up the paralysed vocal fold and improve the voice.

Functional Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) is a useful test performed in patients of swallowing difficulties. Various types and consistencies of food are given to the patient under laryngoscopic visualization. This test enables the swallowing therapist to strategize the management plan for the patient. Bombay Hospital has experienced and dedicated speech and swallowing therapists who work closely with the Laryngologist to optimize patient care.

For appointments please call 022 22067676 extension 382